Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pat and Mick

from Wikipedia we can read something about them: Pat and Mick were a British vocal duo consisting of popular radio personalities Pat Sharp and Mick Brown. The royalties from their record sales were donated to Capital FM's Help A London Child charity.

The pair were often portrayed as unintelligent in media coverage, but this served to boost record sales, providing money for the charity in the process.

With their last single released in 1993, and Pat Sharp no longer at Capital Radio, they have no immediate plans to collaborate on future charity singles.

Top 40 Singles

* 1988: Let's All Chant / On The Night (UK #11, credited to Mick And Pat)
* 1989: I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (UK #9)
* 1990: Use It Up and Wear It Out (UK #22)

Pat and Mick - Let's All Chant

I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet

I bought this record and I like it! It wasn't one of the best S.A.W. productions but it was cool and fresh!

Pat and Mick - Use It Up And Wear It Out

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