Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharp sounds at Southend club Storm as Nineties favourite hosts evening

PAT Sharp brings his disco door keys to Storm tonight, opening up a Fun House of entertainment.

The 47-year-old DJ, best known for presenting a host of Nineties kids’ TV shows, is fronting Irresistible at the Lucy Road club, getting behind the decks to play the best party tunes, plus maybe a little something extra.

“Everybody knows who Pat is – he was a real legend for kids growing up in the Nineties,” says Storm’s promotions manager, Diason Paye.

He has also been an ardent supporter of charities during his career. Pat scored seven hit singles as one half of the notorious Stock, Aitken and Waterman pop duo Pat and Mick, most memorably with the song I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet. [continue]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three classic PWL albums are being re-released

Three classic PWL albums, produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman are being re-released on April 13th: Mandy Smith, Lonnie Gordon and Princess.


1. If I Have To Stand Alone
2. Happenin' All Over Again
3. Better Off Without You
4. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
5. I Need You
6. That's No Reason
7. Best Of Friends
8. It's Not Over
9. Watching You
10. Helpless Hearts

Bonus Tracks
11. How Could He Do This To Me? (7" Mix) *
12. Happenin' All Over Again (Tony King 1990 Mix) *
13. If I Have To Stand Alone (Original 12" Mix) *
14. Better Off Without You (Extended Version) *
15. Happenin' All Over Again (Dave Ford 1990 Mix) *
16. How Could He Do This To Me? (Extended Version)
17. Best Of Friends (Extended Version) *
* Previously unreleased


1. In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment
2. I'll Keep On Loving You
3. After The Love Has Gone
4. Say I'm Your Number One
5. If It Makes You Feel Good
6. Tell Me Tomorrow
7. Anytime's The Right Time
8. Just A Teaze

Bonus Tracks
9. Say I'm Your Number One (Remix Number 2) +
10. After The Love Has Gone (DJ Bad Mix)
11. I'll Keep On Loving You (US Remix) +
12. Tell Me Tomorrow (Soundtrack Version) +
13. In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment (Garage Mix)
14. After The Love Has Gone (Promo Version) +
15. Say I'm Your Number One (Demo Version) +
+ First time on CD


1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. I Just Can't Wait
3. Victim Of Pleasure
4. Duel
5. Boys And Girls
6. If It Makes You Feel Good
7. Positive Reaction
8. Say It's Love (Love House)
9. He's My Boy
10. You're Never Alone

Bonus Tracks
11. Don't You Want Me Baby?
12. Got To Be Certain
13. Terry (12" Mix) *
14. Positive Reaction (Our Mandy's Extended Mix) +
15. Boys And Girls (Acid Remix) *
16. Victim Of Pleasure (Daize On Nights Mix) +
17. Don't You Want Me Baby? (Original Mix) *
18. I Just Can't Wait (The Cool And Breezy Jazz Version)
* Previously unreleased
+ First time on CD

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tina Cousins -Deeper Shade Of Blue - W.I.P Flemenco Mix

Kahal and Kahal - Show Me No Mercy

Jeb Million - "Speed Up My Heartbeat"

Jeb Million - Second Time Around

I didn't know about this Stock, Aitken & Waterman production. But the A.Linn drum plate, the echo voice, some things, the tune remember their style and sound technology.
Here what SuperEuroBeat wrote about this song

This is a very rare early production from Stock Aitken Waterman. Jeb is a canadian singer originally from Ottowa. From MELODY MAKER, 30 AUGUST 1986: "JUST call me a quirky pop traditionalist,"...

Annica - I Can't Deny A Broken Heart (Special Remix)

This isn't a Stock, Aitken & Waterman production, but it's really Eurobean sound similar to their productions.

Click this url.

Yell! - Nothing Comes From Nothing

I never heard this song before! Really cool.

Big Bang - Number 1 80s Remix. Pete Hammond

Number 1 Vs Pete Hammond Alphabeat RMX Big Bang YG Entertainment (Japan) Mash up by -Aliks Lee, Tae Woon (이태운) Alphabeat RMX by Pete Hammond -Edge Avenue

Spencer - Sun Shines Brighter

Cliff Richard at Gloria

Pete Waterman talks about Cliff Richards:

Dead or Alive - Pete burns and The Hit Factory

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rick Rolls On

The Internet is a beautiful thing. Just ask ’80s popster Rick Astley, who thanks to the monster phenomenon of Rickrolling, wound up walking off with “Best Act Ever” at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.... [continue]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kylie Minogue @ The Brits 2009




Kylie Backstage Interview Brit Awards 2009

Kylie to make Bollywood debut

POP princess Kylie Minogue is collaborating with one of the biggest stars in the Indian film industry, Akshay Kumar in his forthcoming film, Blue.

Kylie has arrived in Mumbai where she is spending time with Akshay ahead of the eight-day shooting schedule where they will film the music video for the film, which is billed as the most expensive Bollywood action movie to date.

Kylie has recorded two songs for the film including the title track, which has been composed by multi-Oscar winner A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire).

Blue is an underwater thriller and has seen filming take place in locations including the Bahamas and Bangkok.

You can read also here and also here.

(Italian article) Tormentoni web: Rickrolling, quando la popstar...

Tormentoni web: Rickrolling, quando la popstar diventa mito (virtuale):

Scritto da Nicola Battista

from Panorama.it

Un videoclip musicale di due decenni fa. Un “dirottamento” culturale operato via web. Con risultati insperati per il diretto interessato e l’ingresso nell’immaginario nella generazione di Internet…

Chiamatelo scherzo; chiamatelo “Internet meme” oppure “détournement“ - con un termine caro al situazionista Guy Debord. O più semplicemente, “tormentone” del web, perché è anche di questo che stiamo parlando.

Chiamatelo come volete, ma quello che è successo al cantante Rick Astley nei mesi scorsi e la circolazione - tuttora molto vasta - di un suo vecchio videoclip musicale in Rete sfida anche le più selvagge fantasie di chi si occupa di “guerrilla marketing”. Per il fenomeno è stato coniato il termine “Rickrolling”, che oggi occupa anche una corposa voce di Wikipedia (!).

In pratica: mai visto uno di quei messaggi che invitano a cliccare su questo o quel link e poi vi “dirottano” allegramente da qualche altra parte? Sicuramente sì... [continua]