Saturday, May 17, 2008

Deuce - No Surrender

From Mike Stock Forum:

QUOTE (Doodvid @ Oct 23 2008, 11:27 PM) *
Hey Mike - how exciting this all is!

Just a quick question regarding the work you did with Deuce (my favourite pop band) on 'No Surrender' - was there ever any thought put into follow-up material (potential album/b-sides etc?) and what was the process regarding the "sound" of the track - much as I love it, it's very dissimilar to the eurodance style of their earlier material with Harding/Curnow and didn't seem to sit easily with the image of the group.

Thanks in advance!


Mike reply:

Hi David,
Only the one track made with Deuce, I'm afraid.
After the problems with the release of 'No Surrender' the decision by their manager Tom watkins, was to move on.
The style of the music does not sound out of date for now, perhaps. Maybe at the time it was a little adventurous. At least Matt and I were trying to make them sound a bit different from what had gone before. The image of a band is normally a moveable feast anyway. I don't know in hindsight, if we'd have done things differently.

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