Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lonnie Gordon - Happening All Over Again 2007

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It is Happening All Over Again, for Lonnie Gordon. To sum up this extraordinary woman in a short biography is almost impossible. Zany, Witty, Artistic, Deep, Humorous, Intelligent, Fierce, Gentle, just a few words to describe Lonnie, but there is so much more to this Singer, Performer, Artist, larger than life creation.
Most famous for her vocal abilities, she cut her first track in the UK, this being "Happening All Over Again", which was the first of many number 1, hits worldwide. You can never mistake the unique husky tones and powerhouse vocals of Lonnie Gordon.
Leaving the UK to return to the U.S, there was only one way for Lonnie to go and that was forward, and that she certainly did,,, with full force. Based in New York, Lonnie never stopped working, naturally doing what she only knows best, singing.
Whilst based in New York she was offered an amazing career opportunity, the lead vocalist/narrator in the world renowned Cirque Du Soliel "Zumanity" in Las Vegas. This was a bold and daring move into the theatre world for Lonnie and she leaped at the opportunity. It was here in Las Vegas, Lonnie discovered a hidden talent so to speak, Art.
Whilst working in "Zumanity" she decided to put brush to canvas and before long, filled her home with what is now known as Lalonnie's Art.
Lonnie Gordon famous for being a singer, but add to her repertoire now, you have a theatrical performer and an accomplished talented Artist which is clearly interpreted through her many works of art.
"Anthology Part 1&2" culminates the two passions of Singing and Art, combine this with "Looking Through Time" and ANTHEMS and you have a wonderful collection of this truly talented and accomplished artist . All of these albums are available from, so go do yourself a favour and lose yourself in this artistic wonderland of Lonnie Gordon/Lalonnies Art.

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  1. Lonnie has her new remixed single "Gonna Catch You" out in May2009 on feverpitch / positiva records,remixes by Phil Harding,
    7Th Heaven, The Wideboys and Steve Pitron. Also her 1990 album "If i have to stand Alone" never released in the uk, and only in a few countries around the world, produced by Stock Aitken and Waterman is also being released in april. Lonnie will be in the U.K on a promotional tour, as well as new video for Gonna Ctach You from April. For info Lonnie has a great fans site on facebook : Keyword Lonnie Gordon.
    Or for other info go to