Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cliff Richard & Steps - Chain Reaction

Do you remember this song?

H&Claire - DJ

H And Claire - DJ

H&Claire - Wish upon a star - disney channel

H & Claire - DJ (TOTP)

Ian H Watkins - H side story - Episode one -Part one

You can find the other parts on

5 Step Fat Attack with Claire Richards from Steps!

Claire before the training related to her new DVD

Claire Richards talking a little bit about her new fitness dvd available from December 26th 2008.

You can buy it here

Hi, I'm Claire Richards from Steps

Last year I looked in the mirror and at 15 stones I didn't recognise myself, it was a far cry from my days in Steps when I was a size 10. Like most women, changes in my life led to me putting weight on and before I knew it I looked like another person in a fat suit, and I knew things had to change. So I made that change!

Thanks to my great new work-out `5 Step Fat Attack' I have lost 5 stone and am back to looking like me again - now you can do it too!

The work-out includes great fat busting exercises that will have you losing the pounds and having fun with easy to follow routines to your favourite Steps tracks.

So make that change today and take the right steps back to looking like yourself again - it's never to late to get back to the woman you were!



2.Better The Devil You Know

3.The Last Thing On My Mind



6.After The Love Has Gone

7.Chain Reaction

8.Here & Now

9.Better Best Forgotten

10.Deeper Shade Of Blue

11.When I Said Goodbye


Claire Richards - Tragedy (Everybody Dance Now)

Claire Richards - Tragedy (Everybody Dance Now)

Claire Richards - Loose Women 12th September 2008

Claire Richards recording her new album?

Claire Richards in a recording studio.

Claire Richards - LK Today 17th June 2008

Claire Richards & Lisa Scott - Lee - Extreme celebrity moms

Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview with Rick Astley

Rick Astley has stepped in to replace the recently jailed Boy George on The Here & Now Tour which comes to the Arena in May. "At least he's a proper pop star," he tells SIMON WILSON

HE has been ski-ing in Zurich for a few days when we catch up but Rick Astley hasn't slipped back in to retirement.

That was in 1993 after he'd enjoyed six years of hits, starting with Never Gonna Give You Up which bolted from the Stock Aitken And Waterman stable to the top of the UK charts. It also toped the US chart.

Other hits included When I Fall in Love and Together Forever.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan - Especially for you - Royal Variety 1989

Amazing Alizee - Jen Ai Marre

She's Alizée, and she wasn't produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman, but this video is amazing!

The Original TOTP version Jen Ai Marre

The original Video

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Couple's attic treasure inspires pop man Pete

Railway boards snapped up by music mogul
IT'S not every day you get a pop music mogul interested in snapping up your dusty loft floorboards!

Not least to Pete Waterman, one third of music producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman, and celebrity railway 'nut'.

When the boards recently went for auction he bought all eight on sale, including one for The Walsall Holiday Express which he travelled on as a boy, and he hopes to buy more privately. The tartan board went for £750.

The article is also here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This isn't a Stock, Aitken, Waterman production, this is new Donna's single!

'Crayons'- Donna Summer feat. Ziggy Marley ( Title Track / New CD 2009 )

Morgan Mcvie - Looking Good Diving

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Laura Branigan and 2 Stock, Aitken & Waterman productions

Laura Branigan performing live this SAW produced single in 1988 at the Spanish TV Show Sabado Noche, as part of the promotion of her album "Touch".

She covered this Hazell Dean/Saw's hit for Her album "Touch" (1987) Produced by Stock Aitken & Waterman


Enrique Iglesias - Tired of Being Sorry (similar toPWL sound)

I kept this version from YouTube:

This is the second version that CoraZonaZultW made as a tribute to PWL sound. He took the beats from Sandra's "Everlasting Love" remixed by Pete Hammond of PWL in 1987 and mixed them into Enrique's new hit "Tired of Being Sorry."


SABRINA SALERNO INTERVIEW 1988 UK (english language)


Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Live) 1988

Do you remember this live performance? He was at British Awards in 1988. He was very famous in Italy too.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Live@brits) 1988

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - TOTP 1987

Rick Astley - Take Me To Your Heart TOTP, 1988 performance

Rick Astley - Central News 2005

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is a PWL TRIBUTE! It's an Instrumental Hot Track Mix created by MaC as a contribute to produce music similar to the Stock, Aitken & Waterman sound.

"It's an unreleased mix, sounding like a PWL dance tune, made with FL using 80s samples. A tribute to the fantastic production of SAW: Stock Aitken and Waterman and the mix masters of PWL."

Here it is:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Samantha Fox - Midnight Lover

This is the latest Samantha's single.

Samantha Fox - Midnight Lover Sample Clip 2008 single

New "BOYS" versions - Sabrina Salerno

Did you remember the Sabrina's single Boys? It was Summer of 1987 and some of you will remember the huge success she had in all Europe when she was produced by Claudio Cecchetto and Stock, Aitken & Waterman. She's italian, but very popular in Spain, Russia, France, England and other nations. Here there are some new "Boys" versions. She had a baby and now he's 4 years old.

Sabrina "Boys" 2007 Live Performance/Rob McAuley Remix Video


Sabrina, Boys, 2005

The Sabrina comeback: "Erase/Rewind"

Live performance

The video

Italian interview: Sabrina Salerno 6th October 2008 La Vita In Diretta

Enrico Monti, the Sabrina's husband, italian interview


Monday, January 5, 2009

Kylie's and some Paparazzi!

Kylie Minogue on her way to a photoshoot

Kylie Minogue gets stopped by a fan

Kylie Minogue makes Fan cry at perfume launch

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do you remember the group music Pop!

Do you remember the group music Pop! They were a Pete Waterman production!

Here's their charts positions (uk chart singles):

14PopHeaven And Earth Jun 2004
26PopCan't Say Goodbye Sep 2004
16PopSerious Jan 2005

POP! "Can't Say Goodbye"

POP! Heaven & Earth

Thursday, January 1, 2009

SAME DIFFERENCE: Behind the scenes at the video shoot

Behind the scenes at the video shoot (Part 1)

Behind the scenes at the video shoot (Part 2)


Do you remember Sabrina? She was produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman! Live on Stage, "Oden", an italian Tv Show.

After You're Gone On You Tube

This release is packed full of new remixes and features the gorgeous voice of Stacey B who some of you may remember from the final 8 in the 2006 UK X Factor Finals