Monday, April 21, 2008

Unlikely lad Rick pops up all over the web

PRACTICAL jokes are overrated. Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher, Rio Ferdinand's World Cup Wind-Ups, Peter Phillips wearing a felt-tipped moustache and glasses at his stag do with Wills and Harry, BBC1 giving Davina McCall her own chat show ... all cruel and a little bit pointless.

Now we have Rick Rolling.

As they used to sing on the Bran Flakes ad, that's a different matter....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Minogue's New Album Fails To Impress In The U.S.

Kylie Minogue's latest album has flopped in the U.S. charts - despite unusually heavy promotion from her record company. X - the singer's fourth album to be released in the U.S. but her 10th overall - was released on April 1 in the U.S. and sold just 6,000 copies to score its debut position at number 139 on the Billboard 200...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kylie Minogue X review

by Evan Sawdey: Kylie Minogue is in an awkward and unfortunate position. After achieving worldwide success with 2002’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and its subsequent albums (and lets not forget her 1988 remake of “The Loco-Motion"), Minogue seemed posed to be Europe’s biggest dance-diva, second only to Madonna. Then came the news: in 2005, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She put a stop to her mega-successful “Showgirl” tour mid-run while she underwent treatment, herself shaken by the abruptness of it all. What’s remarkable, however, is that she not only recovered: she completely rebounded, soon re-launching her tour under a new name (the “Homecoming Tour") and smiling the whole time...

Italian Post: "Rick Astley e la burla del Web"

da un articolo de LA STAMPA di Luca Castelli:

Sapete cos’è il "rickrolling"? Noo? Ve lo spiego con un esempio: cliccate qui e troverete delle fantastiche foto nude di Carla Bruni. Siete andati a vedere e invece della première dame vi siete trovati di fronte uno strano tizio con i capelli rossi che balla sbarazzino sulle note di un motivetto pop? Ecco, l’essenza del rickrolling è proprio questa: convincere subdolamente qualcuno a vedere il videoclip di Never Gonna Give You Up di Rick Astley, vecchia hit recuperata nel calderone degli anni Ottanta...

Web Scout exclusive! Rick Astley, king of the 'Rickroll,' talks about his song's second coming

On a frosty Canadian morning, a masked crusader tromps across a parking lot, over a snow bank and onto the sidewalk. He has a loudspeaker strapped ominously to his chest.

He halts, aiming the speaker toward the building across the street. “This is a song by some dead guy,” he says. And then, music booms forth:

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.”

It’s an anti-Scientology protest, and across the street, a dozen or so warmly dressed young people begin to dance and sing along, waving their picket signs in rhythm to the familiar tune.

“It’s a bit spooky, innit?” said Rick Astley, the singer who made the song famous in 1987 and who is not dead. With considerable help, including assists from RCA Records, the webmaster of Astley’s U.K. fan site, and his manager at Sony BMG, I tracked down Astley...

SYBIL, and her great voice!

Sybil - When I'm Good And Ready - Live 7th may 2005
She talks about working with Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Here and Now Tour

Here are the stars from the 80’s who perform their greatest hits on the Here And Now Tours. The artist’s songs stretch over two decades and are as fresh today as they were yesterday.

It’s tempting to say that Bananarama rewrote the pop rulebook. The truth is that they never even read it in the first place – for over twenty years their name has been synonymous with bright, sophisticated and authentically brilliant pop music. Keren and Sara are still performing Bananaramas huge hits such as 'Cruel Summer', 'Venus', 'Love In The First Degree' 'I Want You Back' 'Nathan Jones' 'Robert de Niro's Waiting' and 'I Heard A Rumour'.

Rick Astley
With UK's bestselling single of 1987, "Never Gonna Give You Up", Rick topped the UK chart for five weeks, and went number one in fifteen other countries, including two weeks at number one in America. Other hits that followed include "When I Fall In Love/My Arms Keep Missing You", "Together Forever", and "Take Me To Your Heart".

Mike Stock, the music writer, composer, producer.

Stoney from Hit Factory Forum wrote this wonderful article about the record producer Mike Stock:

Mike Stock was born in Margate in 1951. He began writing songs at the age of seven and taught himself to play guitar and piano, signing a publishing contract whilst still a teenager.

After two years at university studying drama and theology, Mike left to pursue a career in the music industry. He played up and down the country in his own band, singing and playing in a succession of gigs, television and radio broadcasts. During this period Mike earned sufficient income to enable him to build his own studio in which he was to produce and write original material and form his own record label.

Teaming up with Matt Aitken in 1982 and subsequently with Pete Waterman in 1984, Mike Stock is a founder member and songwriter, musician and producer of the Stock Aitken Waterman team which was so successful in the popular music world in the 1980s and 1990s. The Guinness Book of Records recognises him as the most successful songwriter and record producer in British Chart history. (Guinness Book of Records) Mike Stock realised a unique achievement by having one of his records or songs in the UK chart in an unbroken run which lasted three and a half years between 1987 and 1991. This is a feat unlikely to be repeated. (Music Week)

On three occasions in the UK one of Mike's records was knocked off No. 1 by another of his own records:

1987 "RESPECTABLE" performed by Mel and Kim spent one week at No. 1 to be knocked off by "LET IT BE" Ferry Aid which spent three weeks at No. 1.

1989 "HAND ON YOUR HEART" performed by Kylie Minogue spent one week at the top to be knocked off by "FERRY 'CROSS THE MERSEY" Mersey Aid which spent three weeks at No. 1 which, in turn, was knocked off by "SEALED WITH A KISS" performed by Jason Donovan which stayed at No. 1 for two weeks.

He has been honoured to receive the Ivor Novello Songwriter of the Year award a record three consecutive times and a further 5 ‘Ivors' for various songs, as well as many Producer awards from around the world. He has succeeded with over 300 hit records, including 16 number ones with a record 11 different artists in the UK alone. (Guinness Book of Hit Singles) Overseas success has been on a par, with many more number ones in the rest of the world. For example "Never Gonna Give You Up" performed by Rick Astley was No 1 in 25 different countries. Mike has been presented with awards for songwriting and producing in many territories. Some records fared better abroad than in the UK, such as "Venus" by Bananarama which reached number one in America, and three versions of "Turn It Into Love" were in the Japanese charts at the same time, each performed by a different artist. Mike wrote and produced 20 straight hits for Kylie Minogue through the eighties and nineties. (BPI/PWL/EMI) Mike produced records for Robson and Jerome for BMG Records in the mid to late nineties; "UNCHAINED MELODY"/"WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER" is the best-selling (non-charity) record of the 1990's. (BPI/BMG) Mike's hit tally on a worldwide basis numbers in the 1,000s.

In the mid-1990's Mike developed his own record label activities, achieving worldwide hit records including several number 1's, notching up an impressive market share of business in the first months of operation. In the first 14 months of business, the label achieved 13 UK hit singles with much associated worldwide success. Nicki French had a number 1 worldwide hit with "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". Mike's label, Love This Records, was forced to close in 1997. London Underground had tunneled the new Jubilee Line Extension close to his building, and the integrity of his studio facility was compromised. But that's another story...

In 1999 Mike teamed up with Steve Crosby, who had master-minded Steps a few years before, and they formed the band Scooch who signed to EMI Parlophone. Scooch scored four consecutive hit singles before splitting up, including the top 5 record "More Than I Needed To Know". Later, Scooch were the UK Eurovision Song Contest representatives for 2007.

In 2003 Mike formed a new record label, Better The Devil Records with partners Bob Patmore and Dave Sullivan. The first single released, "Fast Food Song", was the biggest selling CD single of the day, generating and stimulating the debate on childhood obesity.

In 2004 Mike published his first book "The Hit Factory" which recorded his early years and the history of Stock Aitken Waterman and more. Mike felt it was necessary to set the record straight. He is writing another book which deals with some of the more controversial areas which were omitted from his first publication.

Shortly after re-forming SAW, Mike and Pete signed the famous "Sheilas Wheels" to a joint venture with EMI, followed swiftly by a hectic promotional campaign to promote SAW Gold, a Greatest Hits package. And in association with Kylie Minogue, Mike helped promote her highly successful "Ultimate Kylie" Greatest Hits package released with EMI in 2006.

The winner of 2007's "X Factor" Leon Jackson, sang a composition of Mike's "Better The Devil You Know" on the final show before the public cast its vote. On 2007/2008 New Year's Eve Jools Holland show "Hootenanny", Sir Paul McCartney duetted with Kylie Minogue who sang a version of "I Should Be So Lucky".

Songs and lyrics of his continue to feature in award-winning films, stage theatrical presentations, TV and radio. It is estimated that one of his songs is played on a radio station somewhere in the world every minute of every day 365 days a year. One of his songs has been broadcast more than 3 million times in America alone; this equates to playing the song continuously for over 17 years. (BMI)

One of the stars of the fantastically successful American project "High School Musical" is currently in negotiation with Mike to sing one of his songs. Mike's plans for 2008 include the opening of his new recording facility in early Spring and he is in ongoing discussions with theatrical producers about the staging of a musical. A full-scale audition process is due to be launched to recruit members of a new band project scheduled for release in the Summer.

Friday, April 4, 2008



Paul Varney - If Only I Knew

Unfortunately Paul Varney produced by S.A.W. in this song called "So proud of you",
reached only #105 on U.K. Chart. But I think this song is faboulous!

Hear the Smooth Remix

Solid Harmony - A pop female group

This female pop group was Solid Harmonie and I loved their songs. They aren't a S.A.W. production but the sound is very similar to them. This was their chart position in Uk:

PositionArtistTitle DateDetails
18Solid HarmonieI'll Be There For You Jan 1998
16Solid HarmonieI Want You To Want Me Apr 1998
20Solid HarmonieI Wanna Love You Aug 1998

Solid Harmonie - I'll Be There For You

another pop hit from the girl group: Solid Harmonie To Love Once Again [1998] and I loved this song! It remembers me University and some friend of mine.

England Football Team - All The Way

I bought this mix in Italy and I like it very much.

Canton - Stay With Me (1985)

A few people knows this S.A.W. production, from S.A.W. discography:


Written & Produced by Stock/Aitken/Waterman
* Written by Semeraro/Valdo/Marchetti
* Produced by Morrison/Washbourn for Pete Waterman Ltd

1. [7"] 3.31 (Phil Harding)
2. Vocal 5.52 (Phil Harding)
3. Instrumental 5.40 (Phil Harding)

Canton were italian as me but unfortunately they weren't very famous.

Newton "Sky High" produced by Stock & Aitken

A nice Stock & Aitken production:

NICKI FRENCH did you ever really love me

This is my favourite Nicki French song, it's called "Did You Ever Really Love Me" and it's produced by Stock and Aitken. It didn't get high positions on Uk charts, but I love it!

This is a pure Mike Stock & Matt Aitken producion!