Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An article about Pete Waterman (Indipendent, 2002)

OK, Pete, how have you? "I always give everyone the same lecture: keep your feet on the ground, listen and work hard." Jason didn't listen, then? "He thought he knew all the answers. One hit and he thought his IQ had shot up 4,000 per cent. So many times an artist who has had a No 1 tells the story of how they got that No 1 and forgets to mention all the people that did it for them."

How, though, has Pete – who's been responsible for more than 200 hits over the years – stayed at the top for so long? It's something that quite perplexes me until we get on to one of his favourite hobbies, fishing. (His other is steam trains, of which he owns several.) I ask if he's one of those fishermen who throws the catch back. He says he is. I say I've never understood that. I say, isn't it like going shopping, finding exactly what you want, and then not buying it?

"To me fishing is about the prowess of being able to catch a fish," he says. "It's about taking on nature, it's about being able to out-fool a fish, which is a wily animal at the best of times. It's not as people think. It takes skill. Your fly or maggot has to be there naturally. Yeah, you can chuck a worm in and catch a fish, but that's luck. It's about going out to catch the fish you want with the right bait." [continue]

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