Saturday, October 17, 2009


I missed this news about two years ago (2007): "Former STEPS singer IAN 'H' WATKINS has scuppered plans for a reunion of the British pop group, because he has just landed the lead role in a GBP1 million ($1.95 million) London production of musical FAME. Watkins - who was due to reunite with old bandmates FAYE TOZER, LISA SCOTT-LEE, LEE LATCHFORD-EVANS and CLAIRE RICHARDS for a comeback tour later this year (07) - has become hot property in the theatre world after winning the role of NICK in the West End play. A source says, "Ian's had too many theatre offers. The others were disappointed but understand."

but there's also this news (2009): Steps have revealed that they are likely to reform for a reunion tour in the future.

Band member Lee Latchford-Evans confirmed that the group had been approached to do a string of live shows but insisted that there were no immediate plans to get back together.

"We all had a fabulous time in Steps and the success we had all over the world was amazing," Music-News quotes him as saying.

"There have been some offers put to us to get back together and do a tour but it isn't the right time right now.

"We are all still friends and get along fine so a reunion is something I don't rule out. I just can't see it happening right now."

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