Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kylie Minogue | Get Outta My Way (BBC - Radio 1 - Live Lounge)

A wonderful Kylie performance.


  1. hello Paolo,

    Jean-Paul advised me to visit your blog,
    that's what I really like!
    I'm a big fan of early SAW music & hits!
    from mid 80's to early 90's I knew and liked everything produced by SAW
    Kylie, Jason, Rick, big fun, Sinitta, Brother Beyond, Donna Summer and so on
    from 90-94, I made a break, in France there was no more hits from SAW, Kylie's music was not on the waves, and I no longer heard from her.
    I do like what she does today, but her early hits will always be dear to me ...
    You do a good job with your blog, congratulations!

    Laurent, from France

  2. Hello Laurent, thank you for your appreciation on this blog. Since 1986 I'm a fan of their music and I think they wrote some of the best pop songs around, happy and carefree. Over the weekend when I have time I like to turn to YouTube and add some new videos. A warm greeting from Italy and thanks for your comment!