Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kylie Minogue gives Dannii some X-tra help

The Aussie sisters have always been close, but Kylie, 41, has become fiercely protective of 37-year-old Dannii since Cheryl started to outshine her on the show after joining the panel last year...

A source said: "Dannii is already feeling a little diminished because of the pay difference, so her sister was determined to help her out. Kylie is a perfectionist and is giving Dannii her best pointers on how to smile, how best to bat off criticism and how to make her personality shine through.

"She is also giving Dannii access to her choreographers and backstage team to make sure Dannii's contestants perform to their peak during the finals. The crew will be able to give her fresh ideas and hopefully keep her ahead of the competition."...

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