Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today's music business is selfish and greedy

One thing I find frightening about the modern music business is how it's all about money now. These kids, ooh, they have got it sussed. There's no room to see if anything happens by chance.

One of my favourite songs of recent years was Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Brilliant song. And then I turn the telly on, it's on a fucking deodorant ad! What are you doing?! And people go, "well, he got paid £200,000". Hang on a minute - you write a song and all you care about is the money?

This may surprise people, but I'm totally against that. You've never heard a Stock Aitken and Waterman song on an advert. I've been offered millions of pounds for our songs to be on adverts, but absolutely not....

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