Monday, July 7, 2008

Kylie Minogue at the Belfast Odysey Arena - the Sunday Times review

The word on the web — from bloggers who have been comparing notes since the KylieX2008 tour kicked off in Paris in May — was that this show was, by her extravagant standards, a muted affair. The costumes, the choreography, even her singing, were all felt to be a little below par. Maybe the citizens of Belfast, the first stop on Kylie’s UK tour, don’t set much store by online gossip; or perhaps not having seen the recent Showgirl and Fever tours, or indeed witnessed any live headline performance by Kylie Minogue in their city since 1990, they were simply delighted to welcome her back. Either way, the 12,000 mainly female fans packed into the Odyssey Arena last Sunday were having such a raucously good time that, towards the end of her 2½-hour show, Minogue had to ask them to “calm down” to make way for a rare rendition of one of her older, more reflective numbers, Step Back in Time...

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