Saturday, January 5, 2008

These aren't S.A.W. productions but...

These Italian Acts are similar to S.A.W. productions. I think you'll like them!

Ivana Spagna - This Generation 1989 (I Have this Mix!)

Lorella Cuccarini - La Notte Vola (1988 - I have this record)

Heather Parisi - Crilu (1985) - intro of saturday evening Rai1 Tv Show, she's american

the Wonderful Ivana Spagna - Why Me (I have the CD)

Ivana Spagna - Lady Madonna (I have this Mix)

Ivana Spagna - Do It With Style (25° GiroFestival 09.08.03)

Ivana Spagna - N.S.Y.L.M. (Kore Oscar della Moda 13.07.02)

Tom Hooker - Looking For Love (I have Lp)

Lorella Cuccarini - Festival (1987) (I have 45')

Lorella Cuccarini - Sugar Sugar (*Fantastico 6* 1985/86)

The following song were @ FestivalBar, the main Tv Music Show on summer in Italy:

Tracy Spencer - Never Too Late (a wonderful song!)

Tracy Spencer - I Feel For You (I have 45')

Tracy Spencer - Take Me Back (I have it in compilation)

Eddy Huntington-U.S.S.R. (have it in compilation

Eddy @ Festivalbar - He made the audition at telephone from U.K. to the producers in Italy!

Den Harrow - Tell Me Why (I have Lp)

Den Harrow - Catch The Fox (I have Lp)

Den Harrow-Mad desire (original clip)

Den Harrow - Charleston (have Lp)

Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart (Live, have Lp)

Ivana Spagna - Rain and Tears (Buona Domenica 10.12.2002)

Ivana Spagna - Mi Amor (have Greatest Hits)

Ivana Spagna - Never Alone (Il Mondo)

Spagna-Lay da da(Un disco per l'estate 1999

Ivana Spagna - Why Me + Matter Of Time (Roxy Bar 1994)

Lorella Cuccarini - Tutto Matto

Lorella Cuccarini - Oh Signorina!

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