Saturday, August 14, 2010

Introducing... Champagne Riot

Champagne Riot is the brainchild of two Scandinavians, Caspar Bock and Anders Reuter. In their own words “Their mission is to create perfect pieces of timeless pop music that are sophisticated and gloriously irresistible”. They are set to release their debut double A-sided single “Heart Stab/ A Friend of A Friend” on the 27th September.

Both of them come from an alternative music background, coupled with an appreciation of fine art and literature, however they would not hesitate for a moment in describing the works of producers Max Martin and Stock, Aitken, Waterman as pure and genuine art forms. The band support that main sources of inspiration include all great pop songs from the past 60 years, electronic and acoustic music of all kinds, indie pop, warp records, intelligent hip hop. Etc. Or as their Myspace page simply puts it: Hedonism, Dadaism, Nihilism and Abba. [read the full article] and visit their myspace page.

I like very much "Heart Stab". All their songs reminds me very much Pet Shop Boys in the 80s.
Probably the song most similar to the Stock Aitken Waterman productions is "Ingrid Berman" for me.

Their album deserves to be purchased. It's a long time since I've heard pop songs so nice and clean. Good luck to both!

Champagne Riot - Ingrid Bergman

Champagne Riot - The Champagne Anthem

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