Saturday, March 15, 2008

Remembering Girls@Play produced by Mike Stock

I liked very much Airhead but I didn't like their "Respectable" version.

18Girls @ PlayAirhead Feb 2001
29Girls @ PlayRespectable Oct 2001

Here theirs history:

Girls@Play were a British five-piece girl group, consisting of Vicky Dowdall, Lisa-Jayne White, Rita Simons, Lynsey Shaw and Shelley Nash.[1] They were produced by Stock & Aitken (Mike Stock and Matt Aitken).

Each member of the band had a different character that they played in their music videos. Dowdall played a cowgirl, White an executive, Simons a mechanic, Shaw a New York City traffic cop and Nash a pilot. Vicky Dowdall is also known as a girl that cheats on her long term partner and lies about it to everyone including her close friends. She actually goes as far as try and cause serious trouble for the other man involved even though she pursued him and told him that she would dump her boyfriend for him.

The group released two singles; "Airhead"[2] on 12 February 2001[1] and "Respectable", a cover version of "Respectable" by Mel and Kim, on 1 October 2001. "Airhead" reached number 18 in the UK Top 40 chart on 18 February 2001, while "Respectable" reached number 29 on 7 October 2001.[3] They also supported Hear'Say and Steps on their arena tours in 2000/2001.[3]

The group decided to disband on 18 November 2001.[3]

Girls@Play - Airhead

Girls@Play - Respectable

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