Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love Me Day And Night (Instrumental) - WorldPop - Group Project

Please set on YouTube 720p to listen the song in high audio quality, thanks.

A Pop song I wrote when I was 16. I try to write music and lyrics in english and I like to share it with you, so you can correct, change, improve the text and music, please correct english mistakes, thank you. Or you can use them as instrumental track and and sing the words or change them. Notify any changes, please, thank you! Any help is certainly appreciated, and an invitation to play more and more beautiful pop music! Thank you very much for listening.


(instrumental intro, 48 seconds)

I have a dream of us together
I could give you the best
but someone told me
that you are not satisfied

If you ever think about me
I would like to hold you forever and ever

Tell me about my life, think me in your time
I can't see that you can
Time your time and mine, love me day and night
and I go around, oh, to my life (my life)

Now you took
your heart away
You've confused me
I wanted to achieve your dreams
Not sad memories

You've told me the same old story
And you haven't given me answers forever and ever


We were good together
how many beautiful adventures
in the old nights and days
My only wish
would have to be with you
forever and ever

Mi piace condividere con voi testo e musica delle mie canzoni, così potete correggerle, cambiarle, migliorarle nella composizione e nelle parole. Oppure potete usarle come basi musicali e scrivere le parole. Segnalatemi per favore eventuali modifiche, grazie! Ogni aiuto è certamente apprezzato e un invito per suonare sempre più bella musica! Grazie a voi per l'ascolto, un saluto.

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