Monday, January 1, 2018

Day By Day - Kim Wilde

You can not forget to visit the blog "Day by Day" with news and updates on the wonderful and unforgettable singer Kim Wilde. Frequent updates from our french friend JP.M. that often makes the kindness to write on this blog, thanks!


  1. Ciao Paolo, I sui very touched by this article on my blog.
    Thank you very much, this will be an opportunity for Italian fans of Kim Wilde to be aware of the latest info.
    I know many people who love the early Stock, Aitken Waterman then I'll put a link if you'll allow me.
    About Rick Astley will among other things with Kim in Budapest for a concert 80's.
    The paper will be on my blog tomorrow, good weekend, a presto!! JPaul ...

  2. Hello Paolo some photos are my blog from
    Here and Now with Kim, Rick and more
    Good week for all, JPaul

  3. Ciao Paolo sorry again me !!!
    It's Kim Wilde's birthday today, 50 years!!!
    I've a spécial page on my for, soon, JPaul...