Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Four plus Norway take to the fjords

The United Kingdom's Josh commented about the trip "The ship is very beautiful, going on a day trip gives us a nice chance to meet the other delegations and to chill out." We asked how Josh felt about the big day ahead on Saturday and he said "I cannot wait for the Final, to be in the Final is a great opportunity for me, to sing in front of all of those people will be one of the best experiences of my life, and whatever happens I will definitely keep on singing."

Josh stipulated how grateful he was for the support he had enjoyed since being announced as the United Kingdom's entrant and also commented on what it was like working with such a renowned songwriting team. He says "My message for my fans is thanks for all of your support, I will give my best performance." "Its been a great experience to work with both Pete Waterman and Mike Stock. They are so funny, very light hearted but they know exactly what they want. They really want to get the best performance." ... [read the full article]

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