Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pete Waterman and Mike Stock @ Eurovision 2010

To win the Eurovision Song Contest, you need a classic simple pop song with universal appeal. Who better to turn to than Pete Waterman? Programme Information's Tony Matthews talks to him about his plans to make the UK No. 1 once again.
With nearly five decades in the entertainment business, and a track record of success that has earned him countless industry awards and an OBE, if anyone can put the UK back at the top of the Eurovision tree, surely Pete can. But with his very name raising expectations, isn't he on a hiding to nothing? "I've been on a hiding to nothing all my life," says the man who rose from a working-class background in Coventry to found a pop dynasty as part of the Stock Aitken Waterman production team, helping make stars of Kylie Minogue, Steps, Rick Astley, Mel And Kim and many more.

"When the BBC called to ask if I would do it, I had two questions," he says. "The first was to ensure that I had a free hand musically and the second was to ask my old partner Mike Stock to help me. We haven't worked together recently, but we've remained friends and there was no question that I would be willing as long as he was prepared to do it with me. Mike is the musician and he interprets my ideas – a trouble shared is a trouble halved, as they say."

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  1. The protest song is much better!