Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hazell Dean - Trade Him For A Newer Model

Ian Levine wrote on YouTube about this songs:

"Disco 2008" is here. And I'm reunited again with Hazell Dean. This retro disco high energy stomper is the seventh song for our brand new album "Disco 2008" to have a finished video here on YouTube. We have now finished recording all of the twenty four songs going on it, plus three more songs just for the DVD version. As for the videos, and there is a video for each and every track, we still have a lot more to make over the next two weeks, to meet our December deadline. So we're all going to be busy at Centre City Records.
And here is a complete exclusive. The brand new video for one of the tracks on the upcoming monster album "Disco 2008" - the first ever Disco album of twenty four all brand new tracks, all of which have a free DVD with them, to watch each artist perform them, and keep classic Disco alive for this millenium.The album is released on December 3rd 2007.
I first worked with Hazell in 1983, when I remixed her High Energy monster hit, "Searching (I Gotta Find A Man)", which was commissioned by Barry Evangeli from Proto Records. It was one of the first ever twelve inch remixes where the record had additional production for the mix, and it charted in the pop charts at number six, earning me a nice gold disc. I then went on to remix a couple of tracks for her at EMI and then produced "You're My Rainbow", which also came out as a fantastic and much sought after Disconet remix, and we did a duet with House Music legend Darryl Pandy, of "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing". We have been friends for twenty five years, and in the early nineties, we completed a "Best Of Hazell Dean" CD for Hot Records, out of Miami. Now all these years later, Hazell has come out of retirement to record "Trade Him For A Newer Model" for our fabulous new album, and I'm so very proud to have her with us, and performing the song at our launch party on the 3rd December. The Divas rule once again.
Well anyway, the exciting news is that "Disco 2008" is nearly here. 24 brand new Disco tracks in time for Christmas. All of them recorded since August 2007. 24 fabulous retro disco delights, with a DVD also, of the performances of all 24 songs that are on the CD plus three bonus tracks.

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