Monday, May 25, 2009

Kate Ceberano

So, while doing my research I watched an interview you did with Andrew Denton, where you admitted that you said ‘no’ to an offer from Stock Aitken Waterman.

I did.

That was brave!
Or stupid! I could have been so rich! Then again, I might have really fucked it up… I may have gone away as a one hit wonder, never to be heard from again!

You could have been Rick Astley!
Oh my god (laughs) I could have been Rick Astley! I could have been ‘a somebody’! In all serious though, it’s the things that people don’t know about me that make my life so rich. I look at Kylie, because in many ways we were very much parallel in the way our careers began, and we both chose different paths, both admiring of each other for different reasons, I’m sure, but my path was a very different path to hers. I simply couldn’t be told. I’ve never been able to be told. I wanted to discover it all for myself, and invent my own situation. Sometimes that’s annoying, and it results in not getting the biggest pay offs – but it’s a different pay off you get.[to be continued]

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