Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mike Stock answered to me in his Forum!

QUOTE (Paolo Oct 19 2008, 12:50 AM) *
Hi Mike, I'm Paolo (Paul) from Italy. Thank you for creating this new site and this forum and forgive me for my english mistakes, I'm from Italy, I don't speak english very well. I started listening to your songs in 1986, at the time were famous in Italy Bananarama, Rick Astley, Mel & Kim and Mandy Smith, Donna Summer, Dead Or Alive and then Sabrina. Kylie wasn't famous at all for all S.A.W. era, she got a huge success here starting from "Can't get you out of my head", but I prefer all her S.A.W. previous songs! I loved "What Kind Of Fool", the sound is perfect for my ears! I remember when I bought the KYLIE compilation, I listened it for the first time on night with my mum! Now I'm 34.

I remember I used to go to my record shop and when they saw me, they become crazy trying to go to Milan (I lived in a small town in north of Italy) to find some records I listened to the radio, S.A.W. productions! Here, in Italy, the Press didn't write a lot about S.A.W. I had only a few articles about you, so I tryed to discover your new songs and production on the radio with some tips, the drums "A Linn" was the main one! The "A linn" plate was a sign of your productions!

I loved all your songs and production, Mike. I loved so much Scooch and their "More than I Needed to Know". But all your songs are wonderful I can't write about all of them. All your songs made me happy, made me relax a little. Today I was listening "Nathan Jones" in my car, I never liked this song too much when I was younger, but today I think it was a really, really great song!

Thank you Mike for all, thank you for writing music. I also loved SHEILAS and their song "I'm so Happy, Happy" ! It wasn't successful, but for me it's really great! A wonderful sound (the video is a little poor). Thank you for all Mike, can't wait to listen the "Same Difference" album.

Best Regards from Italy!

T H A N K Y O U, MIKE! laugh.gif

Ps: Don't stop writing music and please let us buy some inedits tracks, production, samples from your shop on this site.
Paolo from Italy
And his reply:

Dear Paolo,
Thank you for all you say. Over the years I have found that its not always the best songs which get success. Lots of other things have to be right to do with the 'business' side. Thank you for saying you liked even some of the records which were not as successful. This encourages me. For example 'What kind of Fool' was done as one of the last records with Kylie when she was at PWL and for that reason the'business' was going wrong and the record was not a big hit.
I will be making some previously unheard tracks and unfinished material available in the store soon. I will also be adding more songs of the unreleased type to the player.
Your English is very good and I am always happy to hear from you!
Kind regards,

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