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Let's Dance: The Eighties greatest mix-master reveals techniques in new memoir

Jeremy Kennedy, Atlanta Alternative Music Examiner
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Jeremy: How has mixing changed over the last 25 years or so? Is it an easier process today or more difficult in your opinion? Phil: Technology has changed the mixing process tremendously, allowing us to mix entirely ‘in the box’ on computer systems with no real need for hardware like mixing consoles and outboard effects whatsoever. Having said that, I personally prefer to use a combination of both for my current mixing, software and hardware.

Jeremy: What was it about your production abilities that made your work so attractive to artists in the Eighties? Phil: I think the combination of creative and musical sensibilities towards artists songs and direction, this was largely due to my production partner Ian Curnow, who is a fantastic musician and programmer. Also the fact that PWL Studios was always one of the best and most up-to-date equipped studios London during the 1980’s. As soon as new technology came onto the market, we would be amongst the first to try it then purchase it, if we liked it…

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Pepsi and Shirlie

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David Ducasse

David Ducasse shot to fame when he appeared with Scooch – the fabulous foursome who in 2007 represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki – if you need a little help remembering think bright blue cabin crew uniforms. Now, four years later, we sent Ryan Houston to catch up with David and find out just what is happening in the Scooch camp! [read full article]