Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sally Anne Marsh Windmills Of Your Mind

from YouTube: "Sally Anne Marsh Windmills Of Your Mind video from 1996. Fantastic song, fantasic video, gorgeous singer!

This version of the video is only about two and a half minutes or so in length. Appologies though that my clip of this is missing about the first twenty or so seconds.

This video is online with Sally Anne Marsh's personal permission. Thanks again Sally! :)"

Bananarama's Girls Groups Chart

Bananarama - Love Comes - Behind-The-Scenes

Bananarama - Love Comes, vid & interview, Sept 4th London (HD)

Young Divas - "Happenin' All Over Again"

Do you remember Young Divas? Here's their "Happening All Over Again" video, a remake for Lonnie Gordon song.

Bananarama Live in Portugal RTP Show September 2008

Bananarama Live At Studio Five

Bananarama's appearance on LIVE AT STUDIO FIVE, 21st September 2009.


The original pop girl group Bananarama present their new single 'Love Don't Live Here' (Out APRIL 12) from the album 'Viva'. Order CD/7"/12" Bundle Now:

Bananarama - Love Don't Live Here (TV Performance)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kylie Minogue: Special K

The rest of the world has loved her since the '80s. Now Kylie Minogue is hoping the third time's the charm for her U.S. career.

It's a hot, sweaty June Friday night in New York when Kylie Minogue arrives at the Splash club, the first step on a yearlong journey designed to re-establish her as one of the world's biggest pop-dance superstars.

Initially, she'd planned to just introduce her new single, euphoric floor-filler "All the Lovers." Then, she decided to unveil a special megamix of tracks from her 11th studio album, "Aphrodite," due July 6 in the United States on Astralwerks and a day earlier in the United Kingdom on Parlophone. But ultimately, being Kylie, when she found herself onstage surrounded by a seething, cheering mass of adoring humanity, she just couldn't help herself. [read the full article]

Mandy Smith - Interview (Network 7)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yell! - Instant Replay

1990 Dan Hartman cover charting at #10 in the UK. Yell! were Paul Varney & Daniel James.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

All new number ones, but no douze points for Lena or Josh

UK entry nowhere to see as Eurovision brushes the charts.

Dizzee Rascal lasted just the one week at the top of the charts, as the behemoth of David Guetta steamrollered to number one, while Jack Johnson did the same to Pendulum going in at the top of the album charts.

But there’s an interesting story further down the charts this week, as the Eurovision Song Contest rears its head. German winner Lena is theie highest entry at number 30 with Satellite, while French dance track Allez Olla Ole hits #81, Tom Dice for Belgium goes to #85. The interval act’s Flashmob track manages #70 while the double CD of all the songs is #11 in the Compilation charts.

And Josh Dubovie with the UK entry? err, it failed to make the Top 200.

[read full article]

UK Eurovision entrant Josh Dubovie is 'still smiling'

The teenager who represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest has said he is "still smiling" despite coming last in the competition.

Josh Dubovie, 19, from Basildon in Essex, scored just 10 points with a song penned by Pete Waterman.

Dubovie said it had been "a privilege to represent the UK" and one of the best experiences of his life.

Acts from 25 countries took part in the event. It was won by Germany, whose entrant Lena scored 246 points. [read full article]

Sonia - I'm gonna put a spell on you

Song for Europe 1993.

Mandy Smith - Interview + Positive Reaction (Calendar YTV)

Mandy Smith performs Positive Reaction on YTVs Calendar in 1987 after a short interview.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Like a version: Kylie transforms again

Minogue should give herself more credit. Who can forget how she completely shed her girl-next-door image for a raunchy sex-kitten look in the mid-1990s Kicking her I Should Be So Lucky days to the kerb, not to mention her early record producers, Stock Aitken Waterman, Minogue underwent her first transformation when she released Confide in Me in 1994. At the time, she said the choice to reinvent herself came along naturally.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kylie Minogue is 'Aphrodite' - album preview...!

Limahl - Never Ending Story

Do you remember Limahl and his wonderful "Never Ending Story"? Go back to 1984, he came to an important italian tv show about "The Years Of Our Story" on Rai1, the main italian national tv channel. He wasn't obviously a Stock, Aitken & Waterman production, but this blog is also about pop music and THIS is absolutely wonderful pop music. It's cool hear he to sing it live. I remember when my friends bought the Sony Walkman and I hear it in the first cassettes I bought.

Limahl - Neverending Story 2008

Limahl - Never Ending Story "1984 - 2009"

Limahl interview (29.09.09) - TWStuff

Sybil - Make It Easy On Me

Kylie Minogue in recording studio

Kylie recording "I Believe In You" in the studio.

Bananarama - I Don't Care

Unreleased track.

WINK - Turn It Into Love (Japanese cover) Hazell Dean

Haywoode - Roses

Haywoode performs I Can't Let You Go (Detroit Mix) on UK show

Her classic "I Can't Let You Go," here in the top-notch 'Detroit Mix' produced by Bruce Nazarian and Duane Bradley. Great tune written by Kevin Mulligan. Originally released in 1984, this reconstructed version came out in '86 on the heels of Haywoode's success with "Roses" and "Getting Closer."

The original video:

Mike Stock, Kylie hitmaker to launch new West End musical for kids

Mike Stock, one of the songwriters from the partnership Stock Aitken Waterman, has written a new children's musical which is to come to the West End this summer. [read the full article]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kylie Minogue Interview

Kylie Minogue - Interview MTV Day 2009

Kylie Minogue Interview 1990

Kylie Minogue Step Back In Time Carramba Italy 1990

It's the first time I see this video. Kylie came to a famous italian tv show called "Carramba" in 1990, here she is:

Caught in the Act My Arms Keep Missing You on German tv CITA

Boyband Caught in the Act performing the Rick Astley song My Arms Keep Missing You on German tv concert in 1996.



Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Emotion - Love In The First Degree PWL

Great cover version of a Bananarama classic from 1987.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

80s pin-up Rick Astley preparing for comeback

He was up there with Kylie, Jason, Brother Beyond and Bros, lovingly Blu-Tacked to my bedroom walls.

Torn from Look-In and Smash Hits, my Rick Astley posters, backed on pink paper, were arranged at jaunty angles around the poky room I shared with my sister.

Never Gonna Give You Up, Together Forever and Hold Me In Your Arms (on my well-worn Greatest Hits of 1989 double cassette) would blare out from my plastic ghetto blaster. I knew all the words.

Back in the late 80s, before Take That captured my teenage heart, it was all about Rick – that nice boy with the funny dance.

And now he’s making a comeback... [read the full article]

Britain's Josh Dubovie on the 2010 Eurovision contest

Dubovie spoke BBC reporter David Sillito about what was in store at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (Official Music Video) HD

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Josh Dubovie positive about his post-Eurovision future

Josh Dubovie is confident finishing last in the Eurovision Song Contest will not hurt his burgeoning career.

"Because now I'm still going to be talked about for coming last, but hopefully it will be a blessing in disguise.

"I was happy [with my performance]. I watched it back and I thought I gave it everything that I had," he added.

"I could have given a bit more on the last note, but the atmosphere in the arena was absolutely incredible, it's just unlucky that the rest of Europe didn't like it."

[read full article]

Big future for Dubovie - Waterman

Music impresario Pete Waterman tells BBC Essex he believes the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entrant Josh Dubovie will go on to have a successful career after his Oslo adventures.

You can also read a BBC article about Pete Waterman and Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

And another article about Pete Waterman upset over the critics about the song.